Where the Truth Begins

The Power of Words

You’re probably familiar with the term, Words can Hurt, Words can Heal. This is true, however i’d like to
take a deeper look into the Origin of Words and just how Invoking they have been, and how they have
shifted humanity into a reality of blind men. Words and Symbols which i’ll get into next time, things
of which most People are blissfully unaware. Finding the Truth is a process. One
day you find something that completely removes the one piece of Information you discovered the day
before. And still tomorrow or the day after that, you will again find something that again, removes the
truth before it.

Let’s take a look at a few Words and their Origins:


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According to Acharya S.

I would like to add here that i found these Truths years ago, and also questioned them
fervently. I have learned to see with my Heart and as others also begin to seek Truth
over Popular Belief, they too will go from what was to what truly is and how freeing
one will feel once the veil begins to fall.

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Vault of Light

If you’re like myself, you’ve asked the same questions over and over again,

‘Who am I’, and ‘How did I get here’.  Well, you’re about to find out.  If you’re a

seeker of Truth then there is a reason you’re here right now staring at these words

and wondering what it was that drew you.

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